Medical Contract Manufacturing

Industrial applications using this technique during the manufacturing of goods is large. This technique was developed with the advancement of technology. In the earlier time, there was a punching mechanism used to imprint hallmarks on the company products while manufacturing. The punching mechanism has a severe drawback of causing disfigurement of the metallic product. Punching mechanisms could not be used on integrated electronic chips. Technology created a new technique of marking the hallmarks and signs using LASERS, known as machines for laser marking.

MicroMark – IT – Fiberfly 20W – Asse Z motorizzato from Lasit – Laser Marking on Vimeo.

This is done in a fast and highly flexible manner that is used for marking company logos, texts, and barcodes on the products This serves the industrial,

automotive, medical, aerospace, semiconductor IC’s and jewelry designs. The inscription done using a laser remains life long with the product without any fading. Laser marked legends are easily written on almost any surfaces. High power values of the laser help in marking the jewels made up of gold, platinum, and silver. These advanced systems are classified into two groups, YAG laser marking and CO2 laser marking. A CO2 laser is more potent as it has more wavelengths when compared to that of a YAG laser system. YAG lasers, while used on metallic surfaces, causes less amount of reflection.

The heat generated while a high power laser is focused on to a surface marks the characters or the symbols. There is no need for direct contact with the material on which the inscription has to be done. Laser beams that are amplified and focused on to the document are moved along the two X- Y axis to create a character. Running of the laser beam is done by the machine using software support. The heat generated by the Laser beams will melt down or evaporate the surface material leaving back perfectly inscribed characters on the surface of the product.

The inscriptions of the logo, characters or symbols are done in both two dimensional and 3-dimensional forms. 3-dimensional markings appear to be same as of the punching marks. Laser tables are used to have a more precise way of engraving characters on to the material. The laser tables have two moving mirrors that are used to reflect the generated laser beams. These beams are then focused on to the engraving point using a lens.

Fiber laser marking systems are the latest development in the field of laser marking. The laser beam generated by ytterbium fiber laser systems has high peak power and ideal beam quality. These lasers are having a high wavelength of functioning, it is highly stable and the diodes used are having a higher period of service.

This equipments are computer controlled and are fast enough with high quality working performance. Fiber laser marking devices are safer and very compact to be used.

The highlight of laser marking is the resolution, complex and minute marks can be inscribed with clarity and even at lower sizes. This process is cost effective and fast that can be repeated on with high accuracy.